Subdiv Shortcuts is an addon for Blender 2.8 that provides new utilities for speeding up your workflow when working with the Subdivision Surface or Multi-Resolution modifiers.


This addon is available for free on Gumroad. Once downloaded, simply open up Blender and navigate to your user preferences. Select the “Addons” tab and then click “Install Addon from File”. When the file selection dialog pops up, select the .zip file you previously downloaded from Gumroad.


  • Modifier Type determines whether the Subdivision Surface or Multi-Resolution modifier will be used by the shortcuts for managing subdivision state. Changing this setting does not update existing modifiers.
  • Modifier Name is the name that will be used for the modifier that is managed by this addon. Changing this setting does not update existing modifiers.
  • Default Level Count determines the number of subdivision levels that the managed modifier will be set to when its first added.
  • Show Add Modifier Prompt will cause a confirmation dialog to appear when attempting to toggle subdivisions on an object that currently does not have a managed subsurf modifier.


This addon provides keybindings for some of its features. These keybindings can be customized or disabling in the “Keymap” tab under the preferences for this addon.

Toggle Subdivisions D
Increment Subdivision Levels CTRL D
Decrement Subdivision Levels CTRL ALT D
Floating Panel CTRL SHIFT ALT D



All features have been made accessible from the right hand panel in the 3D viewport underneath the GG Labs tab. If you don’t see this panel, you can open it pressing the N key while in the 3D viewport. You can also access it as a floating panel via the CTRL SHIFT ALT D hot key.

Image of the tool panel

Toggle Subdivisions

This operator combines several operations into a single macro. When you first use this operator on an active object that has no subdivision surface modifier, it will automatically add one. Once a managed subdivision modifier has been added, all subsequent uses of this operator will simply toggle the modifier on or off.

Image of the subdiv toggle operator

Increment/Decrement Subdivision Levels

These two new operators allow you to quickly increase or decrease the number of visible subdivision levels on your object, regardless of modifier type.

Image of the subdiv increment/decrement operators

Delete Lower Subdivision Levels

When using the Multi-Resolution modifiers, Blender gives you the ability to Delete Higher Subdivision Levels, clearing out that additional resolution data. This addon adds a new operator for doing the opposite: deleting lower subdivision levels. This effectively applies the current Multi-Resolution modifier at the current subdivision level and re-adds it to the object.

Image of the subdiv delete lower operator

Creasing Tools

When using subdivision modifiers it can be extremely useful to use edge creasing in place of manually adding additional edge loops. This addon provides a couple of utilities for quickly setting edge crease data to a specific value.

Image of the edge creasing utilities